Ondine Naturals

Handcrafted natural body care products made with LOVE on the Sunshine Coast of Canada

        My story starts in March 2008, when my mother approached me with the idea of buying a small local business on the Sunshine Coast. I was 24 years old at the time and had just returned home from yet another trip, this time traveling through India, and was looking for something more fulfilling in terms of my career. I wanted to be able to make a living on the Sunshine Coast, where I was born and raised. I quickly dismissed the idea saying, "Are you crazy?! I don’t know anything about running a business or soap for that matter!" My mother being the incredibly smart woman she is, and probably knowing her daughter better than she knew herself at the time, brought up the conversation again the following week. She did, however, have her own motives, as my mother had been using the face cream for years and was worried she wouldn’t be able to get it any more. After the second conversation, I began to seriously think about it. I met with the previous owner, Kasandra Maidmentt, and saw the great work she had accomplished in 12 years and the potential this company had. After that meeting I pulled an all nighter and wrote my business plan. On April 1st, 2008, I signed papers becoming the new owner of The Sunshine Coast Natural Gift Company! I didn’t just start a new chapter in my life, I felt like I was starting a whole new book! This was a book I knew nothing about but was so excited and committed to making it the best I could. And my mom got her wish too... a life long supply of her favourite face cream!

On April 1st, 2016, I rebranded my company and became ONDINE NATURALS. After 8 years of learning and growing with my business, I feel like my company has finally become mine and reflects me in every way. Ondine was a name I fell in love with the first time I heard it many years ago. It means 'little wave' or 'water spirit'. Ondine Naturals has become my 'little wave' and keeps on inspiring me.  I love my job more and more everyday and consider myself so blessed to have found what I am meant to do. I will continue to learn and grow with my business as I create excellent products made with the finest ingredients, the most important one being... LOVE.

I am Thea Small, the proud owner of ONDINE NATURALS.

Photo by Justin Samson

Photo by Justin Samson